The Flamboyant Style of Roberto Cavalli Wedding Gowns

Roberto Cavalli is considered among the top fashion designers in the world, especially for his flamboyant style introduced in his famous Roberto Cavalli wedding gowns. Elements like bold prints and unique adornments make his creations to appear as stunning gowns  during the catwalks of Rome, Paris and New York.
Roberto Cavalli Wedding Gowns
He was born in Florence, the former capital of fashion in Italy and by the age of 30 he was already launching his first fashion collection in Paris carrying his self named brand. Soon after that, he opened his salon in Saint Tropez while he invented a way to print on leather, this method revolutionizing the industry of textile printing. Nowadays, Roberto Cavalli owns 16 boutiques that are specialized in fashion displaying products ranging from kid’s shoes to expensive Roberto Cavalli wedding gowns.

There are many celebrities known to have worn Roberto Cavalli creations among which we can count:
Roberto Cavalli Wedding Gowns
* Maty J.Blige has worn a cobalt blue strapless gown presenting beading work on the bodice.

* Jennifer Lopez preferred the white angelic attire designed with a plunging neckline trimmed by a gold chain.

* Cheryl Tweedy was wearing a cream colored Roberto Cavalli wedding gown when marrying to Ashley Cole. The dress was made of silk and lace adorned with Swarovski crystals.
Roberto Cavalli Wedding Gowns
When choosing the Roberto Cavalli design for your bridal attire you already know that you are choosing the high fashion work of art with refined embellishments that complements in a glamorous manner the color and texture of the item. Using luxurious fabrics and intricately displayed details, the complete image of a Roberto Cavalli wedding gown leads one to the thought that this can be the outcome of many years of experience and craftsmanship of a very talented designer.

His creations can be indeed seen as true masterpieces in the world of bridal fashion introducing the ever used details like feathers, gold chains, Swarovski crystals and beading with a new dimension of refinement and elegance. Due to these luxurious elements that make distinctive part of the famous brand Roberto Cavalli, his bridal creations have prices ranged from $5,000 to $12,000 or even more. Choosing to customize your Roberto Cavalli wedding gown will definitely cost you more, so make sure that  you know from the beginning what is your financial power in this sector and then purchase the wedding attire.

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