The fresh green touch decor for spring weddings

Even though a stereotype green is usually the main color most of the couples think for a spring wedding, as this is what the color inspires after all: freshness, revival, exactly what spring brings. Not just for this but in combination with so many others colors can be the second nuance for any wedding decor; today we focus on some new trendy green wedding ideas.

Green Wedding Ideas
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When it comes about the flowers you are limited as options, unless you opt for silk artificial flowers or come in combination with others flowers types. But green orchids stand as one ideal choice plus elegant. For decorations and others how about:

Green Wedding Ideas
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Ostrich feathers on tables, either contrast between these and table covering either green and white feathers.
The cake in a style design as a vase or grass and flowers. The point is the base to be all green, as looking like holding flowers together and wrapped with a bow, flowers being the topper.
Garden trees in wooden boxes of course mostly for outdoor weddings, garden spring or summer time weddings. These can be the ones that delimit the aisle or the dance floor.

Green Wedding Ideas
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Apples or lemons for sitting at the table cards holders. Interesting right? Or they can just become the favors, decorative items.
For the table decoration some like the moss, better emphasized style when it is about long tables but for round ones it will work too. Either just in middle or on its length line.
Limes centerpieces being about large square glass vases with floating candles or petals.
Mint candies as favors, on the table placed in shaped bowls “love”, “mint to be together” tags are so lovely.


In a modern version up-side-down flower bouquets can be one alternative for your green wedding decor, the green tails being the first to be seen part, long, rich and with the base blooming flowers.

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