The grumpy gray can become the fancy wedding decor

We often base on stereotypes and preconceptions and refuse certain things because we have made a certain idea since now. It is the case of gray too, a color many consider either too sober, either banal. It may be a pale, fade off nuance but the secret we say is in the combination made.  So we come today with a few gray wedding ideas to convince you about that.

Gray Wedding Ideas
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It’s not a way to justify the beauty of this as in case you simply don’t like it there is no point to consider it a viable option. But have you thought that this can be your alternative for a winter wedding? Instead of the classic white this can be a chance for you to reinvent a winter wedding theme. How about:

Gray Wedding Ideas
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  • Modern bridal shoes with shiny gray look. Embellished with some rhinestones they are a fabulous style.
  • In the outfit category the groom to wear a gray suit is a modern style too. Plus a tie in contrast and you have just gone to another level fashion than the classic way.
  • A gray touch for the flowers bouquet can be about decorative parts added among natural flowers, the frozen style leaves for example.
  • Use a strong color to create an appealing combination nuances for the whole decor so like gray and yellow, purple or blue, green why not or use white to place gray on first position delight view.
  • Gray favors for winter wedding can be a lot of items with specific of the theme from gloves to snowflakes bottle opener.
  • Sparkling gray pine cones or snowflakes again can embellish the cake.
  • Use elegant gray glamorous table notes for sitting at the table, napkins or just spread rhinestones, pearls on the table.


Isn’t gray a fabulous wedding color?

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