The help, the guide, the responsible- wedding coordinators hired for the bride not to be stressed

When you sign up for the incoming wedding, to be a bride you don’t sign for be the one dealing with stress. So you think at first but things change. The lack of experience, maybe time too as during the wedding planning you still a job to go to and so on. Forgetting about all this means to get out more money from your pockets and hire wedding coordinators. In fact one or an agency specialized in planning weddings which puts at your command people to do everything instead of you.

Wedding coordinators
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How does this work? It’s not always about couples signing a contract with such an agency from the very beginning as some consider they can work it out. So in any moment you are it’s not late to contact a wedding coordinator, even just for the wedding day. Some go by recommendation, actually the most indicated way. And depending on your preferences, budget too, on the tasks you want them to take care it is established a plan.

Wedding coordinators
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How much do you have to pay for? Prices vary from the wedding coordinators experience in the field to the tasks they have to do, from the wedding budget to the way things go so at the end to be paid less with a percentage in case something went wrong. Lot more factors influence the payment part, from the wedding location in case it must be planned somewhere at the country side or abroad to the number of coordinators involved in the wedding and your area. It can be something between $1500 for the wedding day coordination up to more than $5000 for a famous planner in the domain and taking care of all of your wedding. And as a general “rule” it is requested something around 5 percent of the wedding budget just for the big day.


Do you really need wedding coordinators? It isn’t a question that finds an answer just like that but reported to your personal case. Do you have time? Can you deal with time and stress pressure? Do you have enough money to hire a coordinator? Is your wedding that complicated to be planned as to need help?

Who can take care of all instead of wedding coordinators? A common practice is to make lists for people in the wedding, from parents to bridesmaids and groomsmen. After all even wanting the bride can’t do it all on her own in the wedding day.

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