The Jewish traditions with influence to the way the wedding is planned

Traditions aren’t a burden but a pleasure of things to follow at your wedding and in the end it becomes a matter of taste. The selection is made based on each one’s preferences. When it comes about the Jewish wedding type things are a little bit different. Besides the seven blessings part and the breaking of a glass for good luck, the “Mazel tov” exclamation the wedding processional is with a unique plan.

First of all, what’s the wedding processional? The moment when the bride walks in the church, marches down the aisle. How’s the Jewish wedding processional like? First to mention that the union, the ceremony will require the couplet to stand under a wedding canopy, traditionally known as “chuppah”. It’s also something that many couples count to have, despite the religion rang, a sort of tent so something above their head to symbolize the new home this couple will make together.

jewish wedding processional
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The order in a Jewish wedding processional is about the grandparents first from the bride’s side and then from the groom’s side, the best man and usher, then the groom accompanied by both parents and mandatory the mother on the right side. Then come the bridesmaids, maid of honor, ring bearer and flower girl if it is the case. Lastly comes the bride, her too accompanied by her parents, mother on the right side.

What’s the music for the wedding processional in a Jewish ceremony? You can go on the classic version and choose the same music any other couple would choose, the “Cannon in D”, “Here comes the bride”. Traditional Jewish songs for the processional part of the ceremony are among others Y’did Nefesh “Beloved of my soul”, Erev Shel Shoshanim “Evening of roses” and Dodi Li “My beloved is mine and I am his”.

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