The life lesson that love doesn’t have age- Alec Baldwin is getting married

2012 is announced to be a full season for weddings among celebrities. One of them is the controversial and envied couple of Alec Baldwin and his young Hilaria Thomas girlfriend. He is the famous actor at Hollywood, she is the yoga instructor that passed over the 26 years difference between them. The decision to settle down seems to be not just a rumor.

Alec Baldwin wedding 2012

In 2011 at the gala Tomy Awards in New York they have been seen in public and made it all official. Since then still together and along the months that have passed many things have happened. Later in August same year they moved together in an apartment in New York, this year at the beginning, in January, she was spotted wearing a diamond engagement ring. And not just a ring but rumors had it that it is Alec’s grandmother’s ring. Hence close persons to the couple kept saying they are not engaged.

Alec Baldwin wedding 2012

Although very strict and tongue tied in declaring something in April we found out that the expected engagement came afterwards. At least officially as we don’t know exactly when happened. The more important part is yes, Alec is preparing a wedding this year. Many rumors and not in the most pleasant way where heard right after mostly for the difference of age between them two and from political perspectives. Why? As this year in fall Alec plans to play in the big league.

Official responses such as Hilaria Thomas said once “let’s see how it goes” vanish any firm decision about serious plans for a wedding. Hence the true fact remains the same, the incoming wedding of Alec Baldwin and Hilaria but who knows when. This summer sounds promising!

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