The Neutral Look of Valentino Wedding Shoes

When taking a look inside the Valentino wedding shoes collection, you are struck by a single feature: they look very neutral for a bridal wear. They look like being designed for all sorts of occasions that cross your life, such as prom balls, wedding ceremonies, anniversary parties, cocktail parties and so on. Some of them are created with certain details that make them suitable for all kinds of wedding venues, be they selected in the luxurious spaces of a high end restaurant hall or the casual space of an informal outdoor venue (garden, beach, park, etc.).
Valentino Wedding Shoes
Of course that the choice for Valentino wedding shoes will never be a cheap one as they come with prices attached to the fame of the fashion designer, but you can also browse for sites that sell on discounts these shoes that are from last seasons and are now ‘on sale’ for a stock liquidation. You can for instance go for the sequin detailed Valentino wedding shoes, even if to many brides this choice might be a little bit too old fashioned. The sparkling style reflected by the sequin presence is again up to the date although this element has been introduced in fashion hundreds of years ago.
Valentino Wedding Shoes
Maybe not many people know but sequins were originally invented by ancient Greeks out of coins they used to make hole through their middle for later to have them stitched one next to another. These ‘sequins’ were then used to cover the aspect of the shoes as a symbol of richness for the one who used to wear these specific shoes, as ridiculous as they seemed in that format!
Valentino Wedding Shoes
Since those times, the form of sequins has evolved into these small pieces of sparkling plastic that comes most of the times in the silver color, although colors of all sorts can belong to the plastic sequins. The ones that bring in the most special effect remain however the silver colored ones, and most preferred for fabrics to create dresses out of them or embroideries are the metal made sequins.

Valentino wedding shoes, apart from the fact that introduce details such as bows, petals, laces, combination of lace with organza, shimmering, classy pumps, they are also created with layer of sequins finished off with another elegant detail – pearls. Although the most elegant creations are high heeled for a more elegant and feminine touch to the brides’ legs, especially the ones choosing a shorter version of the outfit, they are very comfortable to wear, in case you are used to walk in high heels in a natural manner.

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