The perfect place to say “I do”

Planning your wedding doesn’t mean just to follow the trends and include those decorations that are aimed to dazzle. It means in the first place to find your style and define it, to choose the location that creates the dreamy place, perfect for that emotional time to say “I do”! In the name of that cozy wedding venues will be a great way to start your wedding planning.


cozy wedding venues


Perfect locations

A cozy wedding can be defined in various ways. It can be the garden wedding, the beach romantic wedding but in any case not the high class formal one. Here are a few cozy wedding venues to inspire you:

Destination wedding. Go to Thailand, to Dominican Republic or whatever it seems to you to be the dreamy place you want to visit. It is a great way to combine the need to pan the wedding with the honeymoon, saving costs at the same time.

Farm wedding. Rustic style seems to be part of the trends this year so this I one great idea to include in your wedding concept. It can be the brand wedding style or the simply rustic farm style wedding where guests will meet the countryside landscape and relax at a wedding they will hardly forget.

A vinery. Another great idea to choose as location for your wedding for the charm of the place. The landscape is breathtaking, the concept itself is amazing. Usually such locations are far away from the city agitation, with extended lands offering a spectacle of nature.


In your list of cozy wedding venues, especially if your intention is to travel and forget about the traditionalist style, you can include locations from all over this world. 3 West Club in New York offers an intimate decor but at the same time with accent on the elegance. In Ontario, Canada King Valley Golf Club offers the possibility to enjoy the outdoor wedding with its perfectly looking gardens while for a purely country style wedding St. George’s Golf and Country Club or in Maryland, USA North Glade Inn Bed and Breakfast are a great choice.

Along with each one’s preferences will come also the choices. The budget has a great influence also and it is not excluded to be needed to choose a local place. In any case be original and choose a theater scene, a private garden or something else than what classic defines.

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