The perfect timing for your wedding

It is true that when love hits you there is no way back. Deciding to get married comes with determination but choosing the date is not that easy. Of course that you won’t ask people around when they can participate at the incoming event but there are a few general rules to be respected when making this decision. And for those that got engaged and think at the wedding planning already we come today with the essential wedding dates to avoid in 2013.

One aspect is the religious one. No priest-as far as we know-officiates wedding ceremonies when it comes to certain dates such as:

Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2013
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  • Christmas time on 25 December.
  • Palm Sunday 24 March.
  • Easter time 31 March.
  • Hanukkah 28 November until 5 December.

Secondly it is about the restricted days during holidays:

  • 21 January Martin Luther king Jr. Day
  • 18 February President’s day
  • 12 May Mother’s day
  • 27 May Memorial day
  • 16 June Father’s day
  • 4 July Independence day
  • 2 September Labor day
  • 14 October Columbus day
  • 28 November Thanksgiving Day
  • 31 December New Year
Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2013
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Besides these as traditional beliefs there are certain dates that are supposed to bring bad luck. So the wedding dates to avoid in 2013 continue with leap years but we won’t have one until 2016, any date of 13 and some take into account just Friday the 13th so according to that you should avoid this dates in September, December, February, June, March and November. But in the end it matters most to make the first wedding step planning at the church as and the priest or any assistant will check the days and advice you.

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