The posh style of fur in bridal accessories- muffs

A popular quote says “desperate times call for desperate measures”. When winter brings frozen cold wind brides have to take measures. Often gloves fulfill the needs but a muff is much fancier. In the wide range of options you can choose from today we stop at faux fur muff. With pros and cons about it, difference of taste from bride to bride is hard to say this is the perfect accessory you need.

Faux Fur Muff
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But we know for sure it brings you lots of advantages besides being a need. Stop for a minute and analyze the situation:

  • This puffy accessory comes with a wide range options for design. Considering that it covers your hands and you can’t hold the flower bouquet you may have a flower attached to the muff and so this to be your alternative.
Faux Fur Muff
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  • The faux fur muff will have a much more affordable price than one made out of natural fur. Plus thinking at the animal protection it’s a better option.
  • Unlike others wedding accessories this one can be used some other time too plus that it’s not mandatory to have it white but to bring a contrasting color with your outfit, hence preferable to be on the same page with the wedding colors.
  • Attention to measurements, even though they come in universal sizes for some ladies, especially the petite brides it may be bigger than what they need, covering too much from your arms and within being larger the air still comes in.


For a winter weddings only a muff is not just for the bride a need but bridesmaids too, considering that they accompany the bride and have a flower bouquet to hold too. At Davids Bridal in white and ivory such a muff costs $30.

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