The price of your wedding

Is hard to put a price on your memories and on your wedding. It is hard to imagine that you can only say “yes, I do” in an idyllic decor that is worth one million dollars. That way you can just not have the wedding because of that. Hence money make the world spin so there must be a budget. And if you want a wedding planner costs are higher; even more when you have pretenses. Wondering what the Preston Bailey cost is you’ll totally change your perspectives.

Preston Bailey cost



Wedding planner cost

Preston Bailey cost is not a sum you can be sure to pay and that because once it is a wedding planner for celebrities, a world where sums are higher than we can imagine. And secondly because it depends from wedding to wedding. In an interview he said an estimated sum for a wedding in New York should not and cannot be lower than $3400. For the wedding planner that could be at least 10%.

And it all depends on the wedding and what budget you have. Looking back in his history let’s say so and what pieces of advice he offers we conclude that each wedding is different and there must be a list of priorities. Like in life after all. Ask yourself if you really need that or that. And then with a budget set the wedding planner should be there, around 10 to 20% of the total sum.

Not last comes the experience. Preston said so many times that the experiences of a wedding planner is another important point when you decide how much to pay for his or her services. And form him there is a considerable sum. His CV is impressive, with lots of celebrities’ weddings he planned.

Need or eccentricity

Before beign curious what the Preston Bailey cost might be think at the need or just the fuss. Of course a wedding planner is a real help. Based on what he said so many times, that such services in New York may cost something between $5,000 and $100,000, you may want to reconsider the choice or be more convinced than ever that this is a need.

The wedding is for some the etiquette they have in society so there must be no excuse and no failure. For others it is a true pleasure to organize the event of their life. With or without a wedding planner money are needed.

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