The Right Wedding Guest Book

Do you think you have remembered to order everything for your upcoming wedding? Even so, you may still need to buy one last important item. Wedding guest books are essentially big scrapbooks that are signed by the newlyweds’ relatives, friends and acquaintances attending the ceremony. Well, yes, you could run down to the local store and buy any blank book in a pinch. But the best wedding guest books are elegant and memorable, and is the one item that everyone in attendance is sure to see.

The good news is that today’s wedding guest books are more versatile than ever, and brides (or interested grooms) no longer have to select a traditional design. They come in different styles, sizes, and designs, and some are covered in classy fabrics like satin and lace and finished with ribbons and gold leaf. Many models include a matching pen set to complete the effect, even if nothing else at your wedding matches!

A recent survey of current options found floral designs still popular. The most sophisticated models included other tasteful items like a guest book pillow. And there are growing options for guest books that include a garter and tiara. Almost all of these items can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom (or dear Aunt Marry who paid for the cake).

If you are non-traditional and high-tech, there is even another option. Yes, I am talking about the digital wedding guest book, which may have been a gift from your tech-savvy cousin. Digital photo wedding guest books are the newest way to give a memento to the bride and groom or just the bride at a bridal shower.

The advantage of the digital version of this classic keepsake is that it allows you to share your experience with friends and family on-line by uploading the contents of the memory card. There is no need to worry about losing or damaging the original, and many models allow you to display your wedding highlights as a slide show in a digital photo frame. Since it is much harder to sign a digital photo, so you will need to get a little creative to personalize the entries.

In conclusion, the wedding guest book is an important memento of your special day. It is a treasured keepsake which will remind you of the friends and family who have taken part in your marriage. Whether you choose to go classy or informal, or even opt for the digital variety, this is one item from your wedding you will treasure. And the one gift you can give yourselves that is sure to never be returned.

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