The silver touch, the splendor wedding decor

When the planning of the wedding stops at the decor part it is the aesthetic challenge for you. Even in the first place choosing the color you meet a dilemma; well of all the colors possible to choose some think at something representative for the event, time of the year. And for this time now, as alternative to the classic white we propose you silver.

Silver Wedding Ideas
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It takes your mind instantly at winter time. But it can also be a great choice for any other wedding time, in combination with so many others nuances to create a balance, a contrast and base on this to be a much more appealing decor. Need some inspiration? Here we have some silver wedding ideas:

Silver Wedding Ideas
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  • The glossy glamorous wedding cake topper in a silver tone monogram.
  • In a modern chic style the bridal bouquet to be silver means to be out of jewelry, rhinestones or at least details of such kind among flowers.
  • In a traditional way bells are considered a lucky symbol and especially to have them in your house. It can be a great idea for favors, silver touch of course and also it correlates with the wedding idea.
  • Interesting and appealing table decoration, centerpieces nature inspired, with empty braches spread with a silver touch as looking like frozen, covered with snow for a winter time decor.
Silver Wedding Ideas
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  • Silver touch cake within a glossy look will be fabulous, like out of satin.
  • Hanging silver snowflakes but detailed and intricate design ones to not look just as a banal decoration.
  • Depending on your tables, chair, plates it can be with a combination with another color, with black a totally elegant view, silver napkins over the white plates.

For the bride this may be the easier way to match her in outfit look with the wedding color. Silver as metal for her accessories will be the choice.

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