The Soulful Symbol of Butterfly Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are gifts that wedding couples present to their guests as a token of gratitude for their attendance to this important day of the couple’s life. Since most of the times, weddings and their details come with a meaning, the same can be said about the wedding favors: they can also be bought having a certain meaning in your mind.

Butterfly Wedding FavorsSource
Butterfly Wedding Favors

If you have come up with the idea of offering butterfly wedding favors to your guests, then you must have done your homework and found out that in many cultures the symbol for butterfly is associated with soul and faith. Seeing these gifts from this perspective, one can say that this symbol makes the butterfly wedding favor, the perfect gift to consider for a wedding celebration.

Butterfly Wedding Favors Source
Butterfly Wedding Favors

More than this, we find Psyche (the Greek for ‘soul’) in the Greek mythology to be represented by a butterfly which is linked to Eros – the god of love in sharing a passionate bond. Besides Greek culture, there are also other ancient cultures to associate this creature with the soul, such as: Aztec, Zaire, Central Asian and New Zealand. We find the soulful symbol of butterfly in Christianity, where the figure of Christ is illustrated holding a butterfly.

Butterfly Wedding Favors Source
Butterfly Wedding Favors

It was chosen butterfly because this creature goes to a transformation from the stage of a larva and inactivity to the stage of beautiful, elegant and agile creature able to fly. These features make butterfly be associated with soul in Christianity, where the soul is said to go out of the body after death and fly to the heaven to meet the Holy Father.
These symbols that a butterfly carries within can determine a wedding couple to choose butterfly wedding favors that come in various forms and textures to be offered to the guests as a token of appreciation.

When  presenting this favors, you can even write a thank you card attached to the gift saying that with this butterfly favor you offer a piece of your soul as a way to say ‘thank you’ for honoring your wedding celebration, that without their presence, the wedding wouldn’t have been the same: full of joy and happiness. A good idea would be also to offer the butterfly wedding favors during summer time weddings celebrated outdoors, and at the moment that you offer the gifts, you can release in the air plenty of colorful butterflies, the same way other couples release white doves.

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