The success singer with not that many success in personal plans- Aretha Franklin and suppose to be wedding

Without introduction we all know about Aretha Franklin, her divine voice and talent into singing soul and not only but blues, R&B too. At her 69 years old but not showing them success doesn’t stop to come. With over 40 hits in Billboard along the years, with the flattering title of first woman in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and many others tittles gained Aretha came with quite surprising news: the wedding planned.

Aretha Franklin wedding plansSource
Aretha Franklin wedding plans

In January this year we found that she got engaged with the good old friend William Wilkerson. And from this moment one different declarations appeared in the press. Firstly to hear that Aretha Franklin’s wedding in 2012 will be a beach ceremony. In a more precise way she even said a June or July wedding. As rumors were spread more likely was for the couple to decide about Miami Beach, Florida.


In the official statement she made in the media she said they have plans for a party on a yacht afterwards. And even further that this she said there are a few preferences she has for the outfit, thinking at designers such as Vera Wang, Donna Karan or Valentino.

Aretha Franklin wedding plans Source
Aretha Franklin wedding plans

It all seemed to be so rushed. Not too much from the winter holidays they announced the engagement and right after saying about so many details about the incoming event and they it hits us. With sense of humor she denied for this “rush “ as any possibility to be pregnant and a liter bit after that at the end of the month in January she announced that the wedding is called off.


With many others rumors that said the reason for the wedding being canceled is her state of health, but with denied statement that she has pancreatic cancer something is going on there.

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