The trendy decor of an emerald wedding

The color of the year is emerald and that’s another reason to take this color as option for your wedding. Besides this is pleasant to the eye and catchy so you’ll succeed have an amazing wedding decor. What to choose depends of course on the wedding style and theme, on the location and what decorations you’ll find suggestive in the name of that.
In a selection made you may want to resume at 5 emerald wedding ideas. After all too much will pass over the estetic plan and be disturbing to the eye and less to admire.

emerald wedding ideas

Wedding ideas for your emerald decor
1. The peacocks design imprint with emerald the main color. It can be the bridesmaids dresses design, the covering for tables or chairs, the favors, the boutonnieres etc.
2. Lamps with an emerald glass to be the colored light with multiple options to place them and create that amazing look of a totally colored decor.
3. Green grass monogram to stand at the entrance instead of the classic arch or wedding board.
4. Emerald green takes your mind to spring and freshness so how about the lemonade with syrup to be the emerald look to serve as drink, how about the fruits centerpieces with lemon and lime as main parts?
5. Small pieces gemstones to decorate the tables, emeralds of course that can be the simple rock or with a shape of butterflies, heart shapes or whatever defines your wedding theme.
Also a creative way to offer the favors in the same spirit part of the 5 emerald wedding ideas you can opt for the mint gums or drops and have the text on them “mint to be”.
Emerald is a glamorous color that can be combined in so many ways, with so many others colors to create a contrast. And for the bride to be on the same page with the event decor a part of her dress can be ennobled by the emerald touch or she can wear emerald jewelries.
Emerald wedding decorations
Among your 5 emerald wedding ideas the elegant bows for the chairs can’t miss. You find them on, a wide range of options as materials- from organza to lace. Also is really inspiring, with handmade decorations, emerald touch details you can opt for.

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