The Variety of Wedding Invitations Designs

Many ways exist out there to have your wedding invitations customized in accordance to your wedding style and theme, therefore it can be rather hard to decide on the wedding invitation design that can complement the message you need to send to your wedding guests. When considering the style of your wedding card design you must take into account factors like wedding budget, the theme of your wedding, the style as well as the personal taste. There are various designs and formats as options to choose from, but in order to help you with the decision we have considered showing you some of these styles (the most popular ones) that can make you consider which is the most appropriate for the style of your wedding event:

Wedding Invitations DesignsSource
Wedding Invitations Designs

* One wedding invitation design goes for the classic look of a panel card. This is the simplest one you can think of. The details of your wedding celebration are printed on the front side and many brides in order to have this design appear in a more embellished style prefer accenting it with a bow that can be made of silk, tulle or organza fabric. Others would choose to adorn it with a forget-me-not bloom as a symbol for the wedding date to be remembered.

* Another wedding invitation design goes for a contemporary style that can include an entire variety of designs, coloring and embellishments. They come as square, post card, oval, pocket, and many other geometric shapes that are in their turn adjusted to two fold or three fold paper. They are most of the times chosen by couples or their families who can spend pretty good money for having them customized and ordered with online wedding stationery.

Wedding Invitations Designs Source
Wedding Invitations Designs

* For those couples who put a lot of accent on their religion considering this one the more important part of their wedding celebration, they can choose those wedding invitations designs that relate to their faith. These ones come with religious themes that reflect the faith in which the couple is going to get married.

* One theme that is very favored by many couples especially when it comes to the choice of their wedding invitations, is the love theme. Many such cards are designed and styled in a heart shaped format enabling the couple to send the entire world your message of love, the only feeling that has made wedding day possible.

Wedding Invitations Designs Image via Unity Weddings / Photo by Davina+Daniel
Wedding Invitations Designs

* The whimsical style is another choice for couples wanting to celebrate their special day in a casual style, such as weddings on the beach, in the outdoor by a park, in board of the ship and so on. In this case, the venues works very often as the inspirational source for the wedding invitations designs. Such as it is for instance the beach themed wedding in the format of a message in a bottle, or a wedding card cut in the format of a sea shell and when it opens up it can reveal two wedding rings the same way a shell is opening to offer one its precious pearl.

Wedding invitations designs will also be dependent on the material they are made of. Mostly their material is that of paper choice, these options counting as many as the types of cardboard are there to hold the design of a wedding card. Other materials could consist of glass, wood, silk or any other any other material that can hold the message of a wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitations Designs Source
Wedding Invitations Designs

Wedding invitations designs, the popular ones that are created in paper go also for the type of ink and the lettering format that can add a touch of classic, romantic, comic, whimsical, elegant as well as elaborate to the overall aspect of the wedding card. When looking for DIY wedding cards, you should know what is there to do in order to confer your wedding message the style and that accent that is meant to send your guests the clues related to the type of your wedding. It is very important, especially when you plan to throw a wedding celebration with a theme that might require special attire. Other than this, the use of the traditional wedding invitation design is the most preferred one, mostly because it doesn’t give too much of a headache when creating it and it comes at quite affordable costs – generally the ones that are designed in a DIY style.

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