The Vintage Style of Chanel Inspired Wedding Rings

Choosing a wedding band is never easy especially if there is already an engagement ring that needs to go very well with the wedding band of the wife but also to match with the wedding band of the husband. Many brides-to-be prefer selecting the wedding bands to go perfectly with the engagement ring but also with the wedding ring of their grooms. With so many options available in the format of both online and offline jewelry stores, this task eventually leads to a consensus on both parties, bride and groom being very satisfied with the choices they have come upon.
Chanel Wedding Bands Sets
But when it comes to the choice of Chanel wedding bands set, it seems that the choice is made merely only for the woman’s finger ring as there aren’t presented anywhere options for men wedding bands. Some sites do present an alternative to the gold and silver made wedding rings: the black onyx for men (having the symbol of Coco Chanel engraved in white) and white onyx for women of Chanel wedding bands set where one has the symbol of Coco Chanel engraved in black.
Chanel Wedding Bands Sets
This alternative of stone being carved in the shape of a wedding band is not new and recently many couples prefer choosing this version as they find it quite an original and unique presentation of a wedding ring set. If you want to look for other Chanel inspired wedding rings, you will find the vintage style of sterling silver diamond CZ mounted on two rows of channels giving the finger ring an entire richness of CZ details that sparkle playfully in the light.
Chanel Wedding Bands Sets
Browsing further you will come across other online jewelry stores that allows you to come up with your own ideas and at this point you can definitely choose to have your gold made wedding bands set engraved with Coco Chanel symbol to design your own Chanel wedding bands set in a unique manner.

Whichever style is on your preference, the vintage style Chanel inspired wedding bands or the more modern look of the rings carrying the famous symbol, make sure that you select in accordance with your own personality and taste as this wedding bands set is supposed to last for the rest of your married life. This is why it is important to think at this aspect thoroughly as you wouldn’t like after one year to change your mind and choose another design.

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