The wedding dream in trendy styles definition

Some of your dear brides may have at last a clue of how the wedding to be about or what theme to be chosen. Hence there are so many details about a wedding that you will get to the same point, the need to take the pulse of the trends. There are so many wedding ideas for 2014 that you are at a point tempted to follow a certain style in the name of some trends you find and love beyond words.


wedding ideas for 2014


Wedding theme, decors, details

Wedding ideas for 2014, the trends for such event bring diversity, variety and elegant styles. From vintage to modern world details take a look at the possibilities to contour your decor:

For a vintage wedding for example the wedding cards and wishes can stand in an old open suitcase. That’s a nice detail to add, a simple one after all but with a great effect, both nostalgic and unique.

Romantic garden wedding can be defined by simple flowers upside down in hanging glass, with birdcages hanging in trees.

A wedding cake with polka dots of a glittery style or metallic accent, in degrade. Such a cake is suitable mostly to formal style weddings.

Wooden accents. The chopped tree trunk can be the support for the candles or any others decorations on tables, sitting at the table cards or even the wedding cake stand. In tithe case you bring the Texans, rustic or garden wedding theme into the spotlights.

Candles are not to be ignored from a plus of effect in your romantic decor. They suit to any type of wedding and there are so many options to include them- just let your creativity find the right type decoration of such kind.

Vintage style is also appreciated and for a complex theme defined think at the great Gatsby style. Even the bride can go with this idea too and a simple headband ending in a bow in front can bring the vintage nostalgic style of that era.

Wedding colors trends

In the name of your need for wedding ideas for 2014 thecolors pallet are also of a wide range of options. The vibrant orchid is the main favorite nuance but not the single one. Also the metallic style nuances, glittery, golden touch colors and not forgetting about pastels that can easily combine with others colors and come with a delicate, soft and romantic view impression.

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