The wedding to come- Elton John’s expected marriage

This month a premiere was set in England and Wales as the gay marriages have been accepted, legally. This is of course the beginning of a happy marriage of many couples, including Elton John. It is not a surprise let’s say since he and his partner make a statement in the whole community they are part of. Elton John wedding is expected to be as soon as possible.


Elton John wedding


First details

After the big announcement about the recognition of the gay people marriage Elton rushed to say he is on the list to do this step. And there is no point to wait since he and his partner are together in a civil union form 2005, fathers of two kids from surrogate mothers and act as a real family except they don’t have that paper for the whole society to admit it.

The Elton John wedding is expected to be soon in May. After the first detail it was found out that they want a discrete ceremony, closest persons. And honestly they do act as Hollywood style and giving the fact that Sir Elton is a living legend we can only imagine the chaos to have a public wedding. But it is a certitude of a low-key wedding as Elton said in an interview for BBC News.

Rumors and assumptions

Elton John wedding  seems to be a statement in the first place. And not that it will exclude the beauty of such an event. The love celebration but the couple agrees that this is just a formality that will encourage the gay couples to do this step more than ever as they have the free way. It is hard to admit though and make it public.

Elton said in interviews so far that the wedding to come won’t be something big. Considering the fact that children are their main priority in life, that they are just 3 and one in his first year they consider just taking them and go with a pair of witness to seal the deal. Totally at the opposite with that was in 2005 when Elton and his partner, David Furnish, got married with that civil partnership. No less than 650 persons were their guests then. Or probably with the experience they had now it’s no more time and appetite for such type of planning.


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