The winter time, the magic time of your wedding

Winter time is often correlated with the holidays season and for that this is already an inspiration source for a wedding. But such a marvelous idea implies a creativity test to find those perfect decorations, location and all details that express your Christmas wedding planning intention.  With tones of possibilities there are also trends to take into account.

Christmas wedding planning



Winter time, winter style

In your Christmas wedding planning you have to include the idea of winter as season for your wedding. With such a complex idea to follow now it’s a matter of taste of what to choose:

Miniature snowflakes. These can turn to be the sitting at the table cards or the escort cards for the guests, part of the decor or even part of the centerpiece style. Make them the favors why not and include in the middle part your signature or wedding date. It is such a lovely idea.

Glittery candles. Either the golden touch or the silver sparkling style such candles are a great accent in your decor. Besides the romantic style they come in a trendy variant.

Christmas inspired wedding favors. These can be the homemade cookies in shapes that remind about this holiday, from a snowman to funny style Santa.

Decorate the cake with Santa’s helps, the reindeers and the slave.

It’s amazing what you can do with empty branches decorations all light up, you can transform the entire decor in a wonderland, the icy look for example.

Berries, amarillies, misletoe can be part ofd your wedding flowers arrangements to stay in theme and match with your color scheme which by the way can be about white and red, red and green.

Æ      Feathers, white orchids, and crystals can set an exquisite decor, snowy like look. And if you add some lights to project on walls snowflakes you get the perfect Christmas theme decor.

Winter wedding on a budget

With so many options for a Christmas wedding planning you start thinking what are the ways to stay in a budget. Actually with a little bit of creativity you can solve the problem. As alternatives opt for the glass jars filled with Christmas ornaments- this can be the centerpiece also. Or an upside down glass can be both an ornament for the mistletoe under and for the candle placed above on the glass stand.

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