Tips for Wedding Seating Planner

To find a wedding seating planner for the planning of the reception venue space can be not as easy as one might think, as when it comes to seating the opinions are shared. A survey has been conducted and according to it, the following needs have come to the surface of wedding guests preferences:

– 51% of the guests prefer to be assigned to a specific seat

– 33% of the guests would rather be assigned to a table and there to be free to choose their seats

– 16% want to be no assigned seats, and as such everybody to be free to seat where they want

There are plenty of suggestions available online regarding the wedding seating planner , you can even find maps of the seating for various reception venues, such as it is for outdoor spaces as well as  indoor spaces. The location is a factor that influences a lot the tables positioning, the seating of the guests at the tables, the place where the wedding couple will seat in order to be in the center of attention, and so on.

This is why when trying to find wedding seating planner you should first of all think of its necessity and the following tips would bring some light into this confusion:

1. Depending on the size of the wedding you would probably need or not a wedding seating planner. More likely that for the smaller, intimate weddings where everybody knows everybody and they are all familiar with each other, the seating planner won’t show its necessity.

2. For larger wedding celebrations you should keep the groups together – such as family groups, friends groups, colleagues and neighbors – all of them should have their own table to feel more comfortable with each other.

3. You have probably heard of weddings that plan in advance for a cousin to meet a friend and have them meet together at the event, cause “they are so perfect for each other”.  The wedding seating planner should never act as a match maker; if it is meant for those two to find each other they would eventually find each other, after all!

4. A good idea is not to keep parents with their older children together. Try to put them in separate groups where they can socialize at their own pace – you can as well put on the children’s table something enjoyable to keep them away from getting bored in the world of the adults.

5. As to the elderly relatives, you should consider to have seated somewhere far from music speakers, away from the big noise of the younger and restless generations, as you wouldn’t like to hear them complaining of too much clamor around them.

Other tips for wedding seating planner can be found together with online seating charts; it all depends on your wedding location and number of guests to get an appropriate online seating planning, as without it a large wedding might end up with a lot of trouble on behalf of some unsatisfied guests.

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