Touch the souls and bring the comfort- cozy wedding

Every bride and groom wants in the first place to have a wedding everyone will appreciate. To make them feel good, to make them be in that mood as to enjoy every second. And for that many think it is better to have a cozy wedding or an intimate one. Or maybe both. In any case cozy wedding decorations are every time a plus, elements guests adore.

cozy wedding decorations



Get inspired!

Your cozy wedding decorations will differ since for each case the wedding theme and location will have a word to say in that. Hence here is a list of such decorations to inspire you and be that versatile style to suit in any case:

Stone or wood are elements you should take into account. The rustic style, the simple style, quite rudimentary is a trend this year. Make a sign for the wedding, the entrance sign for example or just one to complete the decor like a thank you sign for all the guests.

In the same style you can opt for wooden cake plate, wooden escort cards or even for the ring bearer.

Candles. A classic choice in decorations types, those that set a romantic decor. And you have a great variety at this chapter. It can be about the luxuriant style with glittery colored candles or just the spectacle of lights of different sizes. In any cased you shouldn’t forget about them.

Scarfs, shawls, blankets offered at the entrance to each guest. Invite them to chat and drink a cup of hot chocolate. Or serve the delicious marshmallows.

Cheap cozy decorations

Above all t is clearly that options exist but there must be a balance regarding the budget. As pretty as cozy wedding decorations are as much they may cost. Hence there are alternatives. Jar lighting is what you could try to do it yourself. Also out of practical reasons to have a wheelbarrow wchich transforms into a cooler is not that expensive as you may think. Rosemary wreath place cards are also a nice touch to add.

In the end it depends on your wedding  theme and location as for example a garden wedding can have in the same category of cozy decorations the big wooden frames with the bride and groom monogram made out of paper, carton.

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