Trends to follow, trends to set- adorable dresses ladies to wear at a wedding

We know a few general “rules”, part of an unwritten code to respects when being invited at a wedding. The first and most important one is to avoid wearing white. This is the color exclusively for the bride and bridesmaids if she decides so. And we could say the same thing about the off white tones, ivory, nude as we never know what’s in a bride’s head and how she wants to surprise everyone with a modern look.

6 dresses to wear to a wedding
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There are a lot of don’ts on the list since you don’t want to make a splash out of you look at least not to shadow the bride and her group of bridesmaids. Keeping a decent image, being in theme with the event meaning to respect the dress code according to the wedding type, style, location and time too get us to a top 6 dresses to wear at a wedding. And it can be about:

6 dresses to wear to a wedding
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  • Lace delight. It is a trend, it is one exquisite dress type and suitable to any case, any wedding type just to choose the cut and design on the same wavelength with the style wanted, pretentious for a formal wedding or casual.
  • Asymmetric cut dress. Again one of the styles in a top of trends this year and for the next one too it can be about the asymmetric length or cut on top, with one shoulder. How sweet is the big bow at the neckline, one side strap only?
6 dresses to wear to a wedding
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  • Empire waist dress. It’s not recommended just for a summer time wedding but generally speaking to feel comfortable but be at the same time an elegant lady.
  • Cocktail style dress, knee length- adaptable in style you can wear it some other time too.
  • Convertible dress to surprise everyone with two style dresses for the 2 wedding parts.
  • A cut that advantages your silhouette.


And don’t forget about the attitude!

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