True and modern love lesson places a wedding on the last stage priority- James Lebron proves it

American basketball player James Lebron is one real story of lobe and commitment without being “forced” by the circumstances and their social statue of married couple. Since high school he and his gorgeous sweetheart Savannah Brinson are together and moreover with a complete family, parents of two kids.

James Lebron wedding 2012

After so much time we thought it is like Brad and Angelina and many others too the marriage being no more important. And they surprised us so we are at the stage of speaking about James Lebron wedding in 2012. Taking it first with the moment they where decided about this, they go engaged last year, more exactly it was the New Year.


We found out as a confirmation from the post James’s brother made on twitter, the congratulation message. Now of course the next step is when exactly in 2012 is the wedding. Basing on the sport event this year we presume that it will be somewhere in summer, June or maybe August, last possible way September.

James Lebron wedding 2012

With nothing coming from the two of them in the official manner the wedding in 2012 of Savannah Brinson and James Lebron is just a presuming fact. We have seen the ring, the know for sure about the engagement but having a 8 years relationship we can expect for a long time engagement too.


Inside sources said that they were both thrilled about this but no date has been chosen. And we get again to the long time waiting as how Savannah said once they won’t rush into doing this. We can only that that since being faithful so much they both succeeded to prove one to the other respect and love as to be on thoughts too much about such an event. So what are they waiting for?

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