Types of Paper for Wedding Programs

When being closely involved into the planning of your wedding celebration you should consider one aspect that can bring a great success to your wedding preparations efforts: including your guests in the unfolding of your celebration. Well, ‘including’ is a sort of speak as you should mostly consider printing out wedding programs through which your guests can follow the evolution of your wedding ceremony and the traditions that are incorporated in  the wedding festivity. Before moving on to actually create these wedding programs you should as well think of what exactly is included beside the paper for wedding programs.

Paper for Wedding ProgramsSource
Paper for Wedding Programs

Regardless of the design you will finally decide upon, you should add also the following:

* Your full names as a marrying couple, the date of your wedding as well as your city and the venues where your wedding will be unfolded.

* The order of the elements included in the evolution of your wedding ceremony along with the songs and the parts where the other events are being held, such as bridal entrance, vows and rings exchange, unity candle and so on.

* You should as well mention t he name of the officiant who will perform t he religious service

* If there is a two faiths marriage it is the best to give some short details on the religious traditions related to each faith

Paper for Wedding Programs Source
Paper for Wedding Programs

Now that we have made clear what are the things you should consider other than the paper for wedding programs, you should also know what design you want to include with the creation of this detail. What are the factors that you want to take into account before deciding on the design? Is there a certain theme that you have selected for your weeding event or a color scheme? If there is one of these, then you can get your inspiration from here. Another factor to consider is whether or not you want to make them more personal adding some spicy, funny or romantic details about your life as a couple.

The venue of your wedding can as well act as a source of inspiration for the creation and composition of your wedding programs. For instance, if you celebrate your wedding on the sea shore you can insert famous quotes on romance and love on the covers of the program or with every page you can add such a quote as a headline of the specific page. For a more personal touch you can insert some special photos that can stand as testimony for the quotes you have chosen for the wedding program.

Paper for Wedding Programs Source
Paper for Wedding Programs

As to the paper for wedding programs you should know that there are many types you can go with. If you have created also your wedding invitations you can coordinate the paper to be same for the programs. It is very important to choose a type of paper that can be easily printed and in case you do not have a good printing machine at home, just have them printed in a professional printing shop. The following definitions accompany the most popularly used paper for wedding programs:

* Linen  – it is mostly preferred for wedding invitations because it has a woven linen cross texture which gives the printed paper a special finish, depending of course on the characters chosen for the lettering.

* 100% cotton – it is mostly desired for traditional invitations as it is very smooth and pure.

* Mylar – it has a mirror like appearance and it is very commonly used in more casual celebrations.

* Jacquard – is a very sophisticated paper that has a layered appearance conferred by the screen printed feature.

* The parchment style of paper for wedding programs is known by everybody that with some inspiring ideas it can be transformed in a great dreamy visual effect for the specific programs.

Paper for Wedding Programs Source
Paper for Wedding Programs

Now that you know the types of most usual papers favored for this occasion, you should decide on the amount of information that these programs present. According to this you will have a two-folded wedding program or a tri-folded one. There are also other formats, such as fan wedding programs or in the shape of a Cinderella shoe for a Cinderella themed wedding.

The next thing that you must move forward to is the organizing of the groups that are meant to spread the wedding programs. You can either have the ushers hand over the wedding programs with every guests arrival or simply out them in a basket at the entrance f the ceremony hall and hove someone to point then out to the invitees.

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