Under dress selection items for a good mood of the bride

Although some brides are willing to endure some pain or discomfort just to wear the dress of their dreams not the same thing can be said for the underwear. What you choose is important as esthetic part first considering the dress type and secondly for your mood. A tight corset becomes a burden, a slippery texture bra gives you the sensation at each move to lose it and it’s a plus of stress you should avoid. Will it be suitable for you to have a satin and lace type torsolette?

Satin and Lace Torsolette
Photo Source: davidsbridal.com

First of all, what’s a torsolette? It’s a corset type that has its line at your waist. Better to sustain your bust, making a line contour of your body you get much more advantages to wear such an item instead of a classic bra but it also depends on your dress type and this is what we debate right below:

Satin and Lace Torsolette
Photo Source: biggerbras.com
  • The lace and satin act as design part which makes it all flattering since it is a special occasion for you. There is a wide range of options for the design, floral style being one of the most appreciated and looked for style.
Satin and Lace Torsolette
Photo Source: jcpenney.com
  • Satin may be of a slippery texture hence this may be in your advantage as you won’t feel the two tight layers of fabrics over you as a burden. Lace on the other hand is elegant and lets your skin breath through.
  • One style we found at Davids Bridal signed Dominique, a leader in this industry. With cotton lined underwire for support and a plus for your comfort, lace on sides and middle part lace the cost is $59.


For some the main part at a torsolette is the suitability at the dress and so it is required a lower line at the back plus the fact that it simply flattens your body.

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