Unusual Wedding Cakes

A wedding celebration is most of the time chosen to be performed in many unusual ways to allow it to be quite unique when compared to other, and the same goes for the menu that can contain the unusual wedding cake as its piéce de résistance.

The unusual feature can come as a mark of the bride’s personality and style or it can be the reflection of the wedding couple’s inspiration and creativity. Either way, the unusual wedding cake can present itself as the unique print that wedding couple has put on the wedding reception and on the entire wedding celebration as well.

A romantic couple, for instance, will be very inclined to opt for symbols that relate to the feeling of love, romance, such as hearts or cupids used as toppers that can be further kept as the symbolic icon of their wedding day. The icing will of course differ from one wedding couple to another, but the unusual element can come with the combination of flavors contained in the wedding cake. Each flavor can as well have its particular colored icing and as a result it will consist of an elaborately made taste of an unusual wedding cake.

Another unusual wedding cake can be built with doughnuts that have been frosted individually with individual flavor arranged in a decorative style that either can have a meaning or simply suggests the wedding cake itself.

To amaze your guests with an unusual wedding cake format you could have a special cake created and decorated on a special table that will be introduced to your guests when the lights are dimmed in the reception room preparing everybody for the wedding cake moment.

The table can have in the middle a small water fountain that starts running on the sounds of the music with a show of colored lights that will spring from the middle of the table. The effect will be of a multi colored water springing from the middle of the wedding cake in the rhythm of the music that announces the moment of wedding cake entrance.

For the water drops not to spoil the aspect of the wedding cake it can as well be covered under a big glass cupola that will be preserved on top of the water fountain for the rest of the evening. It can work very well not only for the unusual wedding cake aspect but can be used also as a great decorative item for the atmosphere of your wedding reception celebration.

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