Useful Guide on Wedding Invitations Etiquette

The preparation of your wedding is drawing your attention towards several things that are quite new to you and in this process you come across the wording your wedding invitations that are meant to let everybody know that you are finally tying the knot. At this point you should get properly informed on the wedding invitations etiquette since you can not simply address these cards as if you address a postal card while being on holiday. This aspect shouldn’t be overlooked although many couples simply prefer sending the envelopes within the usual etiquette of addressing a letter. Considering that you will start planning the event well in advance, you should do a thorough research on the most appropriate way of addressing and wording the wedding invitations. Use the following guide to help you ease the task:

Wedding Invitations EtiquetteSource
Wedding Invitations Etiquette

* First of all have some of your family members print the list of your guests and check whether or not you know their full marital status along with their social status.

* It is important to have all the relevant information as this is part of the wedding invitations etiquette which is supposed to be followed accordingly and thus not offending any of your attending guests.

* Going by the book you should make sure to have one exterior envelope with the person’s particulars while the interior will contain the second envelope with all the cards that you need to send: wedding invitation, RSPV card, and some couples will also prefer sending the save-the-date card together with the other cards.

Wedding Invitations Etiquette Source
Wedding Invitations Etiquette

* Writing the envelopes will be quite a tedious job and at this point the printed list will come at handy. You will have all the titles of the Ms. or Miss, Mr. and even the social status with titles like Dr., Prof., Eng. and so on.

* You have to decide also if inviting couples who have kids you would rather keep the kids out of it or bring them in as well. in this case, you should see which is the appropriate wedding invitations etiquette.

Wedding Invitations Etiquette Source
Wedding Invitations Etiquette

* Another aspect that you have to decide upon is if you, as a marrying couple sends the invite or your parents should do this. Depending on the type of wedding celebration, this aspect will be quickly solved: for more formal and traditional weddings, couples will have to let their parents handle the issue. With more modern and less formal types of wedding celebrations, couples can decide to have this task performed on their own.

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