Victorian Wedding Gowns

Fashion designers, especially the ones who ventured into the bridal industry have come up with various elements that belong to old styles and as such Victorian wedding gowns were created, or better said re-created. Since Victorian style of a dress has its origin in the middle years of the 18th century UK the fashion designers have been fascinated on that style that has become to many the vintage style and as such making an important part of various clothing collections.

Browsing the online wedding gowns sites, one might come across various bridal creations to bear the print of UK’s Victorian wedding gowns. Well, they are not that similar to the old ones, but the present Victorian wedding gowns do have elements that have been preserved in the design of such elaborately cut wedding gown.

These features, or elements better said, confer the modern Victorian wedding gowns the aspect of a fairytale dress for the nowadays brides. A feature which represented in the past a familiar one for the Victorian brides but for modern days being related more to out of the box thinking of a bride, is the color and the combination of colors.

Victorian wedding gowns were mostly made in colorful fabric, it is true that the fabric used was the one to emphasize the status of the families involved in the wedding event, but colors were to be found in both Victorian wedding gowns for the rich and for the poor.

Some of these wedding dresses could be as well seen inside the British museum collections having their satin or lace still in a perfect state. It is stated that in those times, both Victorian and Edwardian eras, the art of dress was highly regarded and people, especially the nobles at the royal courts paid a huge attention to the aspect of the clothing that it was never equaled by another times.

A style that was introduced in England in the early years of 18th century was known to be the corset style of a dress which showed the contours of a woman in a sensual way, but combined with the fabric and the embellishments it soon became an elegant style soon to be replicated in other countries as well.

The new aspect of a female silhouette is what has drawn the attention of the fashion designers at the beginning of the creation for their Victorian wedding gowns with a modern look. The use of the corset is what makes a wedding gown of this style to be preferred by both slim brides and plus size modern brides-to-be.

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