Vintage style bridal lingerie

The bridal lingerie comes as last part to be concerned about but not least.

Since you’ve made everything in the name of a theme concept this is not something to exclude from the style that represents you that day.

The true fact is as long as you don’t choose what defines you to feel incomplete. And even though no one sees what’s under the wedding dress brides are always with the thought of matching the style of the lingerie with the entire event concept.

wedding lingerie


The vintage wedding lingerie category comes with a sexy touch, variety of options that combine not only designs but fabrics, mostly lace, that’s true.

Vintage lingerie style

The simple bra with no extra sponge at the cups, confortable and like a bustier. To complete the set choose a pair of panties. Silk or lace are the favorites.

The push up bra and a corset, also practical for those that want to slim the belly part, with suspenders.

Bridal Lingerie 2021

The high waist panties trimmed with lace or with a wavy line fabric. And the set includes the bra with the same design.

A strapless corset with a seductive contour of the bust, with pins closure in front, all lace and strings at the back.

In the category of vintage wedding lingerie lace is the main type along with floral print as design. But in the end it is about what you feel comfortable in and the type of dress. For example for a sheath cut dress, for a flowy style you should not wear lingerie too bouffant as not to be seen under the dress the model of the underwear.

Bridal Lingerie 2021

The 2021 trends for vintage lingerie

There is a trend also for this category. You spoil yourself and want quality too.

A complete set, bra and stockings with a mysterious note, with a satin touch you find on with enchanting prices- a Jubilee Bra is €25.

Vintage wedding lingerie you’ll find also on where trends are followed, a collection for 2013 where brides will find with no doubts comfortable and sexy lingerie.

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