Wedding Accessories for Celebrities

When you plan the most beautiful day of your life, with the choice of your wedding gown and all, you will be curious enough to learn what were the celebrity wedding accessories and gowns when they had their wedding celebrated. Whether we like it or not, we sometimes feel ourselves drawn towards these spicy details related to the celebrities’ life, as if they are not humans like we are. It is this aura of fame that draws our attention towards them, the fame that we would like to have for our own being as well.

This is maybe the most intimate thought and hope of every ego that lies inside of our own self. This is as well the reason why future brides feel like they are attracted to the way celebrities were dressed in  the wedding day, because down deep inside every future bride wants to be in the center of attention and like to consider themselves at least for that single day, the celebrity of those unique moments.

But let’s see some examples that you might find when surfing the internet for celebrity wedding accessories.

* Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton wedding – at this first wedding celebration you can see a happy and excited bride wearing a daffodil yellow chiffon gown in the Empire style of a wedding dress. As wedding accessories, you can see the emerald and diamond d brooch attached to the gown, a jewelry piece that Richard Burton presented to her. Her hair style was decorated with lilies of the valley and white hyacinth.

For the second d marriage also with Richard Burton as they had divorced meanwhile, she worn a green dress decorated with lace frills and guinea fowl feathers as the wedding was more intimate and far away from the curios eyes of paparazzi in the land of Botswana.

* Princess Diana and Prince Charles – Princess Diana’s wedding dress is seen as one of the most iconic wedding gowns of all times, the fairytale style of a dress made from silk taffeta an d embellished elegantly with lace, pearls and sequins in a hand made embroidery. What can be considered as celebrity wedding accessories is the cascading bridal bouquet, the 25 ft train and the 8m length of a veil attached to a tiara designed in diamond lovers’ knot with pearls.

* Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – is the celebrity wedding counted also among the most iconic ones with a bride wearing an ivory duchess satin dress decorated with 10,000 white pearl and as celebrity wedding accessories, the 15ft full court train that was attached to the bride’s shoulders along with the silk tulle veil held by the same tiara that was later worn by Princess Diana at her own wedding. Ivory duchess satin high heels her feet were wearing, the shoes being adorned with silver and pearls.

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