Wedding Band Tattoo Rings

Weddings are celebrations that take place in the life of a couple with the print of eternity, as the saying goes – “for ever and a day”, this being also the reason to drive some couples to have wedding band tattoo rings. Yes, it is quite strange for someone to think of having this sort of tattoo, but what can be more stable than having something printed on your skin without the possibility of misplacing or losing or being even stolen?

When going for having a wedding band tattoo ring it is not like you will have someone called at your wedding and tattoo the wedding ring when you are ready to exchange the vows and the wedding rings. No such thing! These wedding band tattoo rings can be tattoo-ed on your fingers the moment you are done with the wedding celebration and the first day of your honeymoon begins.

This alternative is most of the times more preferred over the one of having the name of your bride or your groom tattoo-ed somewhere on your body. As it can happen on various unfortunate occasions with so many unpredictable events that cross our life – or faith? – for the things not to turn out the way we had wished to and need to simply delete the other person out of our existence. In this case, the deletion out of the finger is more conveniently done that on any other part of the body.

But no more of this; we talk here about the option that has become quite a trend for wedding couples to choose wedding band tattoo rings to have printed on their ring finger. As permanent as a tattoo is the same feeling you will need to have regarding your wedding day and the commitment that you have subjected yourself to while marrying the man /woman of your life.

The wedding band tattoo rings can come as a completion of the engagement rings that you both can have to remind you as well of the day when the engagement was made. Not to mention that the alternative of having wedding bands tattoo rings is even better for the persons who are allergic to metals. There is a multitude of various models starting with simple black band if ink to the intricate models of Celtic bands.

The Celtic bands are most of the times the most preferred as they come in patterns that not only look sophisticated and esthetically beautiful but they bear also different meaning with different model.

When you look for your model of wedding band tattoo ring just make sure to have within its drawing everything that you want for a wedding ring to carry within its design: love, dedication and stability of all the beautiful feelings that have driven you in front of the altar to whisper to each other that unforgettable “Yes”.

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