Wedding Cake Recipes

Finding a wedding cake recipe doesn’t necessary mean that you will be granted with success especially if this is the very first time that you approach a cake preparation, and not an ordinary one, but the wedding cake. But regardless  of what anyone would say, the homemade cake is however the best alternative that one can adopt especially if going for a small intimate wedding reception.

In case you have some previous experience in this field, then you should focus on getting both a beautiful and qualitative wedding cake. The option to follow a wedding cake recipe is meant to be beneficial not only because you can prepare a tasty and customized wedding cake but it can also save you a lot of money.  The following tips can be of a great help regardless of your professionalism or amateurism in the pastry field:

– make sure that the homemade wedding cake recipe that you will get is a simple one which does not need complicated steps to follow; a good choice would be a dump cake

– it may not sound to you very yummy but the idea of having a dump cake recipe is the one that involves mixing all the ingredients in a single bowl at one time so what can be simpler than that? One of the most sought after wedding cake recipe is the chocolate buttermilk dump recipe.

– once you have all the ingredients proceed with their measuring at the room temperature before having them all mixed together

– a wedding cake recipe is performed in steps when you decide to multiply the homemade recipe and have them baked in larger roomy pans.

– have the cake pans filled ½ to 1/3 and in case you have used a lighter batter you can fill the pan a little more

– always be aware to have the bottom of the pans greased, floured and parched or covered with wax paper

– before covering and storing make sure to allow the cakes to completely cool. A cardboard in a circular shape will be needed for support to have the cake removed while lifting it.

– deciding for the number of layers is a good thing to be known in advance as you will know how many to bake or even better to have one cut in half and make two layers in single shot.

Finding the wedding cake recipe that is the most appropriate to your needs (financially, according to the number of guests, frosted with the colors of your wedding, etc.) is in fact the success of your baking process as well as the effect that it will have on your wedding invites.

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