Wedding Cakes for Celebrities

When there is the time to decide on your wedding cake you could choose for instance the option to browse through celebrity wedding cakes images and see what you can find.

The pictures with the wedding cakes for celebrities almost overwhelms you and everyone who attempts to find out what cake had Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas for instance at their wedding.

Well, of course, when it comes to celebrities and every important even that relates to them everything has to be done at impressive dimensions, although nobody knows if those dimensions are for real or only a part of them being in fact good to be eaten?!

Plenty of options are available in the world of celebrity wedding cakes. For example, if you want something elegant and multi-tiered created and decorated in sophisticated design and motifs, you could go for the intricacy of one of the wedding cakes to belong to one of the Donald Trump’s weddings.

If you want something romantic where red roses are passionately embroidering every tier of the cake you could go for Denise Richards celebrity wedding cake.

It is also simple to be made – only 3 tiered cake with each tier decorated with red velvety roses that come like deep red spots of passionate love on the immaculate, pure white of the frosting.

Of course that the cost of a celebrity wedding cake can reach up to tens thousands of dollars, but if you decide upon a design you can ask an experienced wedding cake baker and decorator to create a replica of the desired celebrity wedding cake and adjust it to an affordable price. Well, the wedding cakes for celebrities do really look yummy in the pictures, and I bet that they are even yummier when tasting them, as at that extravagant price they are made with real special ingredients.

When deciding upon your celebrity wedding cake you do not have to use eccentric ingredients and flavors, you can go for the usual ones, and as such you can have a wedding cake to resemble to Carmen Elektra’s wedding but to taste more common to a cream wedding cake that can be decorated with edible red roses made of sugary crystallized crust to preserve the rose beauty and make it edible at the same time.

In case you do have money and want an impressive celebrity wedding cake you can choose the Nas and Kalis wedding cake covered in sugar roses and which was gilded in 24 kt gold!

Not too many wedding couples are willing to spend those amounts of money only for the sake of a wedding cake, after all every cake that is chosen to celebrate this event can become a wedding cake for celebrity simply due to the magnitude of the event, both material and spiritual!

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