Wedding Cakes with Flowers

Flowers on wedding cakes tend to be nowadays among the favorite ways of decorating a wedding cake. They are trendy as well, but this doesn’t mean that other decorative items are already out of fashion, such as crystal monograms or various colorful ribbons. However, the way flowers on wedding cakes are used in the overall appearance of the special wedding dessert is more closely to the simplest approach, as it is for instance a large bloom, or a flat floral motif.

If we try to find an explanation on how these beautiful elements of nature have reached to decorate the aspect of the wedding cakes, we can find the answer in the fact that flowers in their style, color and symbolic meaning have always been selected to decorate the ambiance of a wedding event since the beginning of time. This is the reason why flowers on wedding cakes seem to be something that is strictly connected to the wedding celebration.

After all, a wedding without the presence of flowers seems flat and not exciting at all. What can there replace the presence of flowers: balloons, ribbons, confetti or other colorful decorative items? These ones will look as they are – lifeless – without the fresh presence of the flowers.

When you have decided to use flowers on wedding cake for your wedding reception table, you should know exactly for what type of blossoms you will go? You need to decide upon the color, first of all, as the colors should incorporate inside the ambiance and after all leave the cake decorator to choose the blooms that they know are not harmful when added as a decorative item on  the edible product.

Apart from these, you will have also to know what the newest trends are with the flowers on wedding cakes. Maybe the minimalist design is for your taste, as many of the nowadays wedding cakes products show inside the images of these works of art of the cake decorators- artists. The way the floral motif is stylized makes the design of the wedding cakes appear as a new masterpiece of a decorator working to satisfy the expectations of their couples’ tastes.

Flowers on wedding cakes can be as well chosen either from the fresh ones or the artificially made ones, not to forget also the version of the edible fondant made flowers that can be very tasty when consumed with the serving. With all these alternatives it shouldn’t be that hard to decide, just consult with the cake decorator if you have hired one and after that let them do the work: they are quite good at it!

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