Wedding Cakes

For as long as I can remember people have been talking about wedding cakes as an essential part of the celebration, turning this wonderful sweet into  art.

Made out of marzipan, white or dark chocolate, with fruit or cream, the wedding cake is a special moment in the wedding party, because it is the first thing the bride and groom share, both among themselves and with the rest of the guests, thus symbolizing the common future.

Although the size, shape or ingredients used to prepare the wedding cake has changed greatly over time, the tradition has remained the same. In the past it was very common for the cake to be made and brought by guests. The taller the cake the more appreciated by the wedding guests was the bride.

The origins of the wedding cake are quite interesting. In medieval England the bride and groom had to kiss over a pile of cookies. By covering the stack of cakes with frosting, a clever baker of those times invented the wedding cake, making it so popular that from then on every major event had to have a cake present.

Besides tradition, the cake has become the life of the party, catching the eye of young persons as well as old one.

Ancient Greeks used to make a cake out of sesame, and pieces were thrown towards the new couple as confetti or rice is used today.

The wedding cake is a symbol of a fertile and prosperous future of the new couple. When you divide the cake at a wedding or a party it means that you’re sharing the joy with your guests.

Today the cake is made to fit better in the wedding theme; its decoration is the most important part in its manufacture. In general, they prefer white for the wedding cake, but more and more couples opt for custom made cakes. Those who prepare the cakes are not just simple cake confectioners, but they are designers.

The significance of the wedding cake is also slightly modified today. The grooms together with the godparents cut the first slice of cake along with the same knife and then feed each other  which means union and involvement in the couple.

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