Wedding Calendar

Planning for a wedding is a time consuming process. You will probably need to plan for it 12 or even 24 months before your big day. When it comes to the last month, you will need to settle all the details for your wedding. The followings are the issues you will need to think about before your big day.Four weeks before. You may have already approach a lot of different wedding vendors. At this stage, you will need to confirm all the final details and contracts with the vendors. If you have not sent all the invitations, make sure you send it at this time so that you can still allow some time for your guest to prepare for attending your wedding. You will need a guest book for your wedding. If you have not ordered one when you order your wedding cards, you should try to get one as soon as possible.

Besides, you will probably need to go to the bridal shop to try the wedding dress one more time since you will most probably become slimmer before your big day. If you find that alterations are needed, there will be enough time for the shop to do so.Two weeks before. The most important thing to settle is to get your marriage license. Another thing is about the food and catering services for your reception. You need to confirm with the caterer the menu and the number of guests so that you can ensure that there will be enough food to serve your guests. It will be problematic if you find that there is not enough food during your reception.

One week before.Although you may be a bit nervous since your big day is coming very soon, you should start packing for your honeymoon. The honeymoon is as important as your reception and ceremony so it is good to prepare for it a week before your wedding. If it is needed, you will also confirm the air ticket and itinerary of your honeymoon. You can also prepare for the fees you will spend on your big day. For example, you can write the cheques for the vendors so that you can give them on your big day.
One day before.In fact you should be relaxed the day before your wedding. You may also arrange a time to give your spouse a gift. This day is as memorable as your big day. It is the last day you are single. It will be very sweet of you and romantic to do so.

Besides this, what you should do is to have a good sleep so that you will have enough energy enjoy your wedding, which is a once in a life experience.The big day.You should make sure that you will have time to have a good breakfast since you may not have a chance to have your lunch. Other than that, you can just be relaxed and enjoy all the memorable moments on this special and romantic day.

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