Wedding Dresses Hawaiian Style

Many couples choose Hawaii as their wedding destination and what can be for the bride more representative as an outfit if not the Hawaiian wedding dress that complements so well the Hawaiian place that the couple chooses as their wedding venue?! But let’s see first what the local brides’ tradition is when it comes to choosing their Hawaiian wedding dresses.

Various floral prints are normally used for the Hawaiian bridal attire out of which the moon haleakala, alii, makame, sand Hanalei, day kaluapapa, cloud pele, seem by far the most popular. The other patterns that are found to adorn the traditional Hawaiian wedding dresses are coconut, ivory paradise, calla kahanu, cream cattleya, as well as cream Waikola.

To many brides who are not from the locals may seem these names void of anything exciting or attractive, but once you have decided as a Western bride to wear the Hawaiian wedding dress for the celebration of your wedding, then you would better do your homework and try to reach to the essence of this traditional Hawaiian attire.

Speaking of which, the wedding dress of the natives carry these floral patterns inside a dress that seems cut down from a timeless frame of simplicity where natural colors fusion with silhouettes that wear these light fabrics as if they were delicate  flowers of nature. One of these can be as well a choice for your Hawaiian wedding dress, but there is always the option for the white traditional wedding dress that is also a choice of the local brides.

The white Hawaiian wedding dress can be adorned with lei in order to integrate completely in the atmosphere and to complement your bridal aspect with a touch of Hawaiian tradition. There are also the hair style accessories that can be found in the format of floral pattern with choices of exotic flowers that adorn the hair do of many local brides.

As to the styles that are generally agreed upon as being already the classic ones (mermaid style, A-line style, sheath style, ball gown and empire style) the ones that are the most favored by the brides choosing Hawaii as their wedding destination, are either mermaid style, empire style or the column/sheath style. But in order to make sure that your bridal look will be completely incorporated into the romantic setting of the Hawaiian beaches, the bright colors for your Hawaiian wedding dress would be the best choice.

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