Wedding Favor Ideas for a Valentine Wedding

Many couples will have a hard time in choosing the favors for their guests but when the wedding is celebrated in the Valentine’s Day, then wedding favor ideas for a Valentine wedding shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. There are plenty of such favors that can be found online inside the various stores selling these products.

From coffee favors that include the heart shaped scoops, candles in the shape of a heart or small figurines of Cupid in the form of a candle holder, to love bath kits that come with essences and bath salts for a romantic relaxation of the couples, they are all there displayed online for you to have the opportunity to satisfy your own needs when it comes to find wedding favor ideas for a Valentine wedding.

Many wedding couples choose items that can be consumed, such as coffee or bath kits or candies, but the ideal thing to present your wedding favors to your guests in your Valentine wedding is to come up with objects that can last for a life time. In this way, your invitees would keep this object as a nice remembrance of the day when you two got married in the most perfect day for such a commitment – the Valentine’s Day.

All your guests would appreciate better a present that comes in this format, and not something that next day is gone. For instance you can choose artificial roses – they come in such great replicas of their natural peers, that is rather hard to make the distinction – and have each one of them put into a transparent plastic tube. This plastic tube can be made of hard plastic sheet that you roll around the rose and then have its edges stapled and as such give it the shape of a cylinder or the shape of a cone if this is more of your liking.

After making this tube (it works better for the tube as this one can be placed on the table standing up) you staple on top if it a red colored ribbon bow– pink color can go very well, too – carrying a card that mentions a beautiful statement related to love and consideration of the fact that the invitee has made you the honor to attend to your special Valentine`s Day wedding..

The Cupid figurines can be easily and cheaper found when ordered for more pieces, therefore you can also present them to your guests as Valentine’s Day wedding favor with a little red heart shaped note attached to their stretched arm.

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