Wedding Flash Tips

As a photographer, even as an amateur you must know by now the importance of a flash mounted on the camera at all times, therefore the following wedding flash tips could be of use when needing to have the your best friend’s wedding photography. It is said that a good photojournalist makes use of an external flash in order to complement the available light of the specific ambient.

But having one permanently mounted on your camera when attending the wedding photos needs is the best idea. You can never know when it might come in handy and you shouldn’t look around for him and miss maybe the best moments.

The following wedding flash tips allow you to acknowledge when flash is more than necessary:

1. For the indoors shots –  with a wedding couple choosing to celebrate their wedding in the indoor spaces for fear they would face a moody weather, the ambient light is definitely not enough for shooting the wedding celebration photos. With a flash you will make sure that everybody is properly exposed.

– Do not point the flash directly at the subjects as in this way you will be able to prevent their shadows to be cast behind.

– Simple portraits can be effectively taken if you use the side lighting in rooms at a flat illumination.

2. For the outdoor shots – the fill-in flash is good to be used especially if the camera’s settings for exposure will underexpose the wedding guests and as such the subjects to compensate for the light in the background. The use of fill-in flash will illuminate and as such will not allow them to be underexposed.  At the same time the eye sockets will not appear too dark, the ratio between highlights and shadow will not be lowered.

– To get best results, the photo shooting should be done in A mode and the external flash should be on high-speed sync (this function can be found in many of the TTL flashes).  The same thing can be used for the close ups with a sunny sky or partial cloudy and as such the effect of a background that outlines the subject will create more depth inside the picture.

– To obtain a fill-in effect, use the strobes at -1 to -2 power of the flash.

3. Snap shooting an event – as events evolve in such a rapid manner, there will be moments that need to be snap shot, such as a couple dancing or other motions that take place inside the wedding celebration. Using a flash on the camera will show the action as a static one instead of a blurry movement of that specific event.

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