Wedding Flowers Colored Blue

Blue has always been the color to relate to sky and water as well as the feeling of freedom that these nature’s elements induce in every one of us whenever we happen to get a glimpse of them, and the choice of blue wedding flowers cannot be that far from this interpretation.

Although many of us would think what has freedom to do with the status of being married, mostly in a humorous note, but somehow with a tint of truth in it, we can say that other meanings are contained as well in the displaying of wedding flowers colored blue.

These other meanings have to do with sincerity, spirituality, high ideals, psychic powers, and so on.

All these features when adjusted to the unfolding of blue blooming, the combination can not be but an inspired one to be used as decorative element inside the celebration of a wedding event.

The blue wedding flowers are not that often met in the choice of bridal bouquets unless it is related to the chosen theme.

For instance, a beach themed wedding can have the inclusion of wedding flowers colored blue inside the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaid’s posies, as well as boutonnière wedding flowers and women guests corsages.

It is the theme and the ambient of the wedding celebration that can call for the choice of blue wedding flowers, as through their appearance they transmit a certain delicacy when combined with pink, white or yellow.

When combined with dark shades such as purple and deep green, they can be at the same time very sharp in their aspect making them more appropriate to weddings themed for Halloween or colder season of the year – the winter time.

Several blue wedding flowers images are displayed online to stand as a picturesque example of the versatility of this color especially when presented in the blooming of the wedding flowers.

One can easily see that the most favorite wedding flowers colored blue are such as follows:

* Hyacinths – besides the fact that they are beautiful and known to resist for longer, they have also the advantage of having a special fragrance.

The small blue flowers that make the form of a bloomed hyacinth can be successfully used as decorative elements in flower tiaras or wedding hairstyles of the bride and her bridesmaids.

*Hydrangea – due to its rich blooming, a single stem can be used as a decorative element for the bridal bouquet as well as creative table arrangements when combined with white or yellow choices of other blooms.

Along with these two, there are other more popular choices such as delphiniums, veronica, statice, and sea holly are only a few to be named as happy options for blue wedding flowers used inside the celebration of your wedding event.

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