Wedding Gowns by Pitoy Moreno

If you are that type of bride in the search of innovative styles brought in by famous fashion designers, then Pitoy Moreno wedding gowns could be the answer for you. Jose “Pitoy” Moreno is the famous Filipino fashion designer who is also known as the “Fashion Czar of Asia”. The fashion designs he has created found their place in the exhibition of World’s Fair in Washington, Seattle and New York.

Prominent people resorted to his designs in order to wear Pitoy Moreno wedding gowns at their fastidious wedding ceremonies. What are the features that characterize Jose “Pitoy” Moreno style of wedding dresses? Many would agree to the fact that the beadwork, embroidery and the hand painting he introduced in his creations make these pieces of garment look quite unique. Other elements that he is famous for are the details inserted with the words of jusi, lepanto and piña in the world of fashion.

His talent shows Pitoy Moreno as a real artist who has reached the stage of an internationally recognized figure in the fashion design. Various paintings have been for Pitoy Moreno wedding gowns real inspiration, these ones being studied at the University of Philippines. The Filipino customs as well as tradition have influenced the future work of a young artist who was fascinated with the world of colors, forms and how all these are incorporated into the details of the sketches.

The sketches of designs that represented silhouette, cut, line and the fall of the bridal gown are real artistic collections that show the fashion industry that there can always be something new, innovative when inspiration is opened to the outside world an d its values. When these sketches were given life, fabrics were chosen carefully for their texture, degree of ornamentation also necessary to bring life into his drawings. When the Pitoy Moreno wedding gown is ready, then one can say that the full circle of a designer’s creation is finally completed.

The bride that Pitoy Moreno wedding gown dresses up is always compared to the image of a picturesque figure that has jkust descended form the pages of famous fashion magazines. Looking at this image you have that feeling that is something one can not touch, that perfect and accurate in each and every detail his bridal gown is made.

Jose “Pitoy” Moreno is renowned for attending every wedding gown in its fabrication from the cut to the final details to make sure that nothing reaches the finite product without his untiring supervision. Wearing the Pitoy Moreno wedding gown will make the bride proud of carrying the creation that comprises all in its design: romance, nostalgia, magic and folklore.

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