Wedding Hair Styles for Short Hair

A common mistake many brides make is to completely loose their personal style identity when it comes making hair and fashion choices for their wedding day. Of course you will want to look and feel special on your wedding day, but take care to ensure that it is recognizably you who walks up the aisle to exchange “I do”.

Make sure that you add discussing your wedding hair styles with your stylist to your wedding checklist. This is best done some months from the big day – in fact the sooner the better. Many brides may need grow their hair, or work toward a new color to achieve the wedding hair styles of their dreams.

It probably seems like it’s only the long-haired women who can flaunt fabulous hairstyles to go with their wedding gowns. From updos to wearing their hair loose or tousled, there are a lot of styles to choose from. But if you have short hair, you don’t have to be left out of the fun of hairstyling. Even though your locks are cropped, you can still exude glamour and femininity and look really special on your big day.

What’s really convenient about short hair is that it’s very easy to maintain throughout the ceremony and you won’t need to worry about your hair being flattened or any carefully crafted curls starting to uncoil. Instead of looking totally fixed up, it will let you look gorgeous yet at the same time casual and carefree.

Short hair doesn’t have to mean sexless. If you have a mid length bob and think that there is nothing you can do with it, do not panic.
The solution is very simple opt for soft and easy to manage curls, once you have put your hair in soft rollers, your hair becomes a lot more exceptive to the up do look.

If you like the idea of this 70s look but feel that for your big day, it needs to be more elite, then all you have to do is add a few effortless touches.

As you pin your hair up once it has been curled, then elegantly place individual flowers to your liking to add that all feminine touch.

Create the illusion of long hair by slicking your hair and attaching a big flowery or jeweled clip in the back.

You can also tie a silky or a sheer sash from the top of your head up to the nape and let the ends dangle down your shoulders.

Do up your hair in soft waves and work little jeweled pins randomly throughout your hairstyle to make your look glitter.

Part your hair to one side and clip on an elaborate hairpiece on the other side.

Brush your hair upwards and pin it down securely, then fasten a floral headpiece or top it all off with a tiara or a jeweled comb.

If you want to keep it simple, you can simply slather on the styling serum and comb your hair the way it looks and feels best to you.

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