Wedding Invitation Wording Tips

The wedding date has been already settled and now you and your future hubby are deeply involved in creating and sending your wedding invitations but you still need to have some wedding invitation wording tips to help you complete the job successfully.

You know that the wedding invitation should be the one to attract your guests’ attention as well as their acceptance to agree with the attendance. Apart from these the following wedding invitation wording tips should work as well in the composition of your wedding cards:

– the wording contained in the wedding invitation should be in accordance with the style of your wedding. The same way the design complies with the theme that you have chosen it has to work the same when it comes to the wording: it should comply with the style imprinted by the theme.

For instance if you have chosen a fairy tale theme and the design of the invitation represents the theme then you can go with wedding invitation wording tips that are related to famous phrases or retorts that belong to the popular fairy tales, such as “once upon a time…” or “…and they lived happily ever after”.

– the addressing of the wedding invitation is related also to the wording as each wedding card acts as an invite to a couple or a single person. Most of the times the tone used is that of a formal one when it comes to addressing the wedding invitation. This is the one that works in all sorts of themes or schemes of the wedding celebrations.

But there are wedding couples that choose to use separate tones for the specificity of the wedding invitation. For instance the ones addressed to the family members, siblings and relatives, can have a more familiar tone than the ones addressed to friends and colleagues from work.

– other wedding invitation wording tips could be the one associated with the actual text apart from the one defined by the addressing. The text of the wedding invitation can refer to a short introduction at the beginning of the actual invite. This one can reflect the feelings that have guided you towards the decision of getting married. Or you can come up with funny remarks about the day that will come and take your freedom away.

The choices are plenty and go most of the times with the inspiration that you have at that specific moment. These wedding invitation wording tips can be helpful for those who are actually involved in the creation and the writing process of the wedding invitations, who can be either the wedding couple or their families.

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