Wedding Party Dance Songs

The most entertaining part of a wedding is in fact the wedding reception part when guests are all invited to have a glass of champagne and something to eat on a background of various tunes that are meant to stimulate their appetite for having fun. A few days before the wedding day arrives you will have to take care of another detail which although it doesn’t have to be planned with months in advance it still needs to be considered as one of the important elements in the composition of a wedding.

Wedding couples look at this aspect from various perspectives, some considering hire a DJ for the wedding party dance songs, others to go for a band of musicians. But there are also wedding couples who decide to make the selection of wedding party dance songs all by themselves as they are well prepared to do this having someone from their family running ‘the show’ for them. With a couple of days of compiling the preferred songs and many others that are adequate for wedding party dance songs, the wedding couple who is set on having their own music displayed inside their wedding reception can manage without needing to for DJ service at all.

There are however a few things to consider if you are one of the wedding couples who decide to have their songs displayed in the ambiance of the wedding party. First of all you need to take into account the way your wedding is unfolded:  is it a wedding ceremony performed inside the place of worship separately from the reception venue or are both the ceremony and the reception held together on the same spot?

For the first option, there is no need for you to choose the music as there is the church’s musical assistant who comes with the list of ceremony songs from where you can choose the ones that are appropriate to the events comprised in the ceremonial. As for the wedding party dance songs in the second part of your wedding, the reception, you have to consider the moments that are the most relevant for you as a newly wed couple.

These moments relate to the big entrance which can be staged as an entrance dance in the rhythm of tango or waltz or any other syncopate tune that make your body graciously move on the rhythm of dancing.

The other relevant moments are represented by father and daughter dance, mother and son dance, first dance and last dance. In between there can be choices of wedding party dance songs to belong to various musical tastes, as various as your guests are, considering their age groups. You have to be aware that the wedding party is supposed to make your invitees feel good and as such doing all your best to entertain them.

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