Wedding Photos – Tips for Your Make-Up

Considering the fact that there is no other day that you’ll be more photographed as in the day of your wedding maybe it is a good thing to learn about the following make-up tips for wedding photos to guarantee your fine looks. You have already purchased the wedding dress that you have dreamt of, you have probably found the jewelry to match your overall bridal appearance and now what is missing is the appropriate make-up that you must find in order to complement your bridal look.

When being dressed as a bride you should keep in mind that the only aspect that you need to display is the natural one, therefore the type of make-up that you would like to use is that needed to emphasize your natural beauty highlighting the features that make you be so special in the eyes of your beloved one. The following make-up tips for wedding photos will help you look gorgeous both ‘live’ in your wedding day and inside the frames of the pictures that you will keep for life in your family album.

* Do not overdo with the make-up as the basic and more important rule here is to stick to the “less is more” when it is about wedding make-up. For the photos it is a little bit of darker shades but they still be kept within the limits of natural look.

* In order to highlight the eyes you should use the neutrals that are flattering and for this select a mascara color that should fit the coloring. Consider also the version of waterproof mascara for the brides who know themselves to be very emotional and will definitely drop some tears in the most emotional parts of the wedding celebration.

* Do attempt into combining your foundation with the moisturizer to get the most natural coverage while adding enough concealer to hide the redness if any.

* As to the lip color use a lip brush, outline the contour with a lip pencil that comes in a complementary color. Do not choose a darker shade of lip liner as it will make your lips look unnatural in the wedding photos.

* In order to avoid shine it is more recommended to use a product that is either honey toned or yellow. Do not use the translucent one as this one can drain the color that your face has making it look mask-like when appearing in the flash prints. Avoid as well the glittering powder or the pearly finishes, try instead a matte finish that is meant to last longer and be more photograph-friendly.

Follow all these make-up tips for wedding photos and to be better convinced on their efficiency you can do a trial before the wedding day wearing the recommended make-up tips and see how these ones will work when being photographed.

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