Wedding Rings in Scottish Style

Wedding jewelry can always be taken as a symbol of love or the symbol for the feelings that populate a bride and groom’s soul, and the same can be said when it comes the Scottish wedding rings choice. Having a wedding celebrated in Scottish style either because of your origins or simply because you are drawn towards the Scottish style, will definitely call for many elements to belong to the Scottish tradition which in fact is very well reflected by Celtic tradition.

Since Celts are the ancient people that have lived on those territories many customs have been transmitted in time from one generation to another along with the symbols that have been found in various archeological discoveries. Celtic heritage is actually what dominates the most the wedding rings in Scottish style and as such we find the following symbols carved in many Irish and Scottish jewelry creations as well as Scottish wedding rings designs.

Most of the times the Celtic symbols are found in the wedding rings and other pieces of jewelry such as brooches, pendants, bracelets, earrings. One of them seems to be the most favored, such as Celtic knot work which due to the eternal circle of no ending and no beginning it is seen as the symbol of everlasting love.

This is why it is mostly used as a pattern inside the Scottish wedding rings and not only. Due to its usage, the love knot has become a classic pattern that can be found carved in silver, white and yellow gold along with a Gaelic phrase of “My love be with you”.

Another Celtic symbol that has become also very popular not only among the Irish wedding couples but the Scottish wedding couples as well is the Claddagh style which represents two hands that are holding a heart that is topped with a crown. This symbol speak for itself when used in Scottish wedding rings and not only: it represents the everlasting commitment of one heart to another.

The crown that is on top of the heart definitely stands for the fact that love is the one that rules in a relationship, this being the reason why this symbol is still used on Scottish wedding ring along with other British and Irish regional wedding rings.

The Claddagh symbol comes in various formats that have their own interpretation, such as a Claddagh ring that has the heart positioned downwards meaning that the wearer is a single and if positioned upwards means that the wearer has given the heart to the beloved one. This is another symbol that is more often used in the Scottish wedding rings especially when its meaning reached to the hearts of the marrying couple.

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