Wedding Songs as Body and Soul Music

The collection of body and soul wedding songs that has been released on the market includes the best soul songs that have been composed to appropriately match the most important event that comes in the life of a couple: the wedding celebration.

Soul music is in fact the music genre that has inspired the musicians of this collection of songs to generate lyrics and tunes that together compose perfect wedding songs as body and soul music.

Soul originates actually in the combination of elements of the rhythm and blues with gospel music cast on a background of funky format. The rhythms that result in this style of music are catchy, outlined by handclaps and improvised moves. Other features define soul music as having the presence of a chorus that accompanies the soloist and who responses to the sounds of his voice.

1960 is the year that has seen the emergence of this style of music with Ray Charles being always cited as the one who invented the genre with his “I got a woman”. The Solomon Burke’s songs that followed later in the 60s, “Cry to Me”, “Just Out of Reach” and “Down in the Valley” are seen as the classic songs of this music genre.

The collection of Body and Soul Wedding Songs that have been released on the market and that can be found ready to order online consists of songs to belong to Luther Vandross – “Here and now”, Etta James – “At last”, The Commodores – “Three times a lady”, Boys II Men – “On bended knees”, K-Ci & JoJo – “All my life”, Percy Sledge – “When a man loves a woman”, Kool and the Gang – “Cherish”, Four Tops – “Believe in  me and you”, and many others.

If you decide to choose this CD for your wedding celebration you will definitely find inside appropriate songs for the emotional events that come with both parts of a wedding – ceremony and reception. Considering that both of them are loaded with various emotional moments, such as the bride’s entrance when the groom waits for her with both their souls trembling of excitement, the moment when they exchange vows and rings with their lips and souls whispering words of love.

Inside the reception part of the wedding there is also room for emotions when groom dances with his beloved one to the rhythm of a body and soul wedding song while guests are watching their bodies moving so softly as if they are about to float over the dance floor. Indeed the moments offered by a wedding celebration are plenty to unfold the soul music considering in fact that soul is the place where love resides, the same love that has gathered a man and a woman in front of the altar to say to each other a dedicated “I Do”.

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