Wedding Thank You Notes

Writing a wedding thank you note is far too often a daunting task. That is unfortunate because it is not a difficult job. Once upon a time, writing a simple thank you note was a skill that every child learned somewhere between learning to brush their teeth and the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork. That was then… Now few learn the skill prior to when they find themselves with a huge stack of thank you notes they know they need to write after opening a mound of wedding presents.

First, if you are reading this at the start of your wedding planning process, address your thank you notes at the same time and in the same way as you addressed your wedding invitations. Once done, simply place your addressed thank you note envelopes in a box waiting for the big day and one aspect is already taken care of in a way that provides aesthetic continuity with your wedding.Of course, many people today won’t bat an eyelash at an emailed or typed thank you note, but you want your guests to know that you truly value them and their contribution to your life. A neat, handwritten note will express that much more than words can say.

When it comes to wedding thank you notes, sooner is better than later. Putting the job off only communicates that you do not truly appreciate your wedding guests – that you are only fulfilling an obligation. You do not want that.Rather, redeem the time you have. Keep your note book and cards with you. If you find you have a wait at the doctor’s office or airport, pull it out and write a few cards. In most cases writing only two or three thank you notes each per day will accomplish the job in less than a month.
No one likes a “to whom it may concern” thank you note. Be sure to include the specific gift and the individual’s or couple’s names. Likewise, a brief statement like, “I’ll always treasure the memory of how I use be welcomed into your home on Saturday mornings as a child,” or “it was a special treat to see that you were able make it to our wedding after all” makes sure your note expresses how much you truly value the individuals you are writing to.

Save your novel or travel diary for later. The point of a thank you note is to express your gratitude for their gift and for them in general. To accomplish the task you need roughly four to five short sentences.Writing a thank you note after your wedding need not be the overwhelming experience so many of us dread. Expressing your appreciation in a timely and personal manner is not difficult and making the effort to write that thank you note can pay great dividends in growing relationships.

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